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At St. Nicholas School, you don’t just learn the lesson, you learn to love education and personal growth. By incorporating the Reggio Emilia approach, preschoolers choose their own subjects and curriculums, and learn to take ownership of their education. This freedom to choose helps train young students to become lifelong learners and to understand their own role in their education. In this way, a child’s natural talents and interests are spotted right away and developed at an early age, giving them a headstart on their passions later in life.


This unique methodology is based on the belief that every child is capable of their own thoughts and feelings. It gives the child the freedom to explore their surroundings, to meet their peers, and to take control of their own learning career.

Developed by a talented and inspirational professor, Mr. Loris Malaguzzi, this approach to education, fosters the idea that children are active participants in their education and are building mutual relationships with their peers and teachers.

The “teacher” in this approach is not just the adult in the room, but the student themselves and their peers and new friends. This results in transforming the classroom into a community in which students are not just learning, but building and growing together. They realize that you can learn anywhere and from anyone, even those your own age.

Rather than lesson plan before class, teachers here are given time to evaluate and discuss the development of each child as an individual and figure out where the child’s strengths and weaknesses are. They see and encourage children, they challenge and elicit ideas through open-ended questions, they respect the ideas of the child and allow them to make mistakes. These observations and post-class discussions allow for a more individualized education instead of blanket lesson plans for the class as a whole.

The Reggio Emilia approach aims to create a warm and welcoming environment in which children feel as comfortable as if they were in their on home. It creates a place where children are heard, where they may interact with their environment and inspire themselves and others. St. Nicholas is proud to incorporate this internationally recognized and positive approach to education.


At St. Nicholas School, it is one of our aims to ensure every student is properly fed with nothing but the healthiest and most balanced of diets. By following the philosophy of Japan’s acclaimed nutritionist, Dr. Hiromi Shinya, who has provided dietary advice to famous officials and politicians around the world, we provide students with well-thought out menus that are both nutritious and delicious.

As the author of several books on global nutrition, his theories have influenced presidents and celebrities around the world. By following these same theories, we ensure students at our school are eating only the most organic foods, avoiding excess sugars, chemicals and pesticides, and by eating plenty of fruits and vegetables. Additionally, our school is equipped with ample water coolers to ensure students are properly hydrated at all times.

In addition to eating the proper foods, the time and amounts of food are important factors to consider. During meal times at school, students are provided with a variety of options to choose from so they never get tired of the same old foods. We believe that by letting students choose their own meals, we’re helping them to build good habits early on. But rest assured, while students are given the freedom to choose their own meals, proper nutrition remains a high priority and staff are there to ensure everybody is eating proper amounts of fruits and veggies.

Parents, don’t be surprised to find your children clearing their own dishes after meal time at home. For at school, children are taught the importance of cleaning up after themselves and of proper manners. After each meal ends, the children are instructed to clean their area, remove the dishes, and wash their hands before returning to the play area. Learn more



The best way to learn a new language is to completely immerse oneself in it. Studying within an international environment is one of the greatest benefits St. Nicholas School has to offer. While we are still young, our minds absorb everything from our surroundings. So when we learn in a multilingual environment composed of students from around the world, we quickly learn a new language.

Just as English has become the global language, it too is the language of choice at St. Nicholas School. While we stress the importance of always holding on to your native language, by studying in a purely English speaking environment, students learn to communicate across cultures.

With a classroom managed by native-speaking English teachers and assisted by vietnamese teaching assistants, students are ensured a successful transition into our English environment. Our students come from all across the world and have quickly formed friendships that bridge cultures and borders.

This is in addition to the education and knowledge they receive from teachers from around the world, including the US and Canada. By learning how to communicate from native speakers, students not only learn the rules of English. But how to break those rules and play with the language just like native speakers themselves. Language, after all, just like our children, is always evolving.

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