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St. Nicholas qualified team is going to Sydney city to participate in THE WORLD SCHOLAR’S CUP 2019 with over 30,000 students from 70 countries, from 15th to 20th Aug 2019.

    St. Nicholas qualified team check-in The World Scholar’s Cup 2019

Phuong Nguyen, Hung Tran, and Nam Van are three SNS qualified students through superior performance at the World Scholar’s Cup Danang round. Joining THE WORLD SCHOLAR’S CUP 2019, Sydney Global Round, students are exploring different currilar aspects of a global theme – in 2019, A World on the Margins.

Hung Tran, Nam Van and Phuong Nguyen (from the left to the right)

THE WORLD SCHOLAR’S CUP (WSC) is a team-based academic competition for students around the world. This competition be organized with the aim of creating an international playground for them to express and challenge themselves in different fields of society. Each year, the competition attracts thousands of students from more than 70 countries. Enjoying with WSC, students will be able to apply their knowledge in practice, then proposing solutions for problems of the world nowaday. They not only show their personal talents but also have the opportunity to interact and connect with friends from all over the world.

Opening of The World Scholar’s Cup 2019 

Each team that is participated in WSC will consist of 3 members of 3 ages: Primary (from 8-11 years old), Junior (from 12-14 years old), Senior (from 15-18 years old). The competition will have 3 rounds: Round 1 (Regional Round), Round 2 (Global Round) and Round 3 (Tournament of Champions), with 4 contents:

Scholar’s ​​Bowl: The team will work together to answer questions and challenges, the questions will be more and more difficult and limit time.

Scholar’s ​​Challenge: Multiple choice test, students can choose more than one answer for each question. However, the fewer answers selected, the higher the probability of correctness.

Collaborative Writing: The organizers will make 6 thesises in different fields, 3 students of each team will choose 3 thesises to defend or fight. Competitors have 30 minutes to prepare with the whole team, 60 minutes to write down an essay and the last 15 minutes to discuss the group and finish.

Team Debate: After the topic is published, each team will use computers to research and find materials in 15 minutes. After that, each team is debated 3 times in 4 minutes, with topics ranging from social policy to poetry.

Specific instructions of the competition

Scholar’s Bowl part in The World Scholar’s Cup 2019

For THE WORLD SCHOLAR’S CUP 2019, St. Nicholas International School is honored to be the only school representing Central Vietnam to join and also hosts the venue in this area. Overcoming the Regional Round, St. Nicholas team is one of the 130 elite teams that makes it to the Global Round, taking place in Sydney.

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