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Take an exam following American standards – Receive scholarships worth of 20 billion Viet Nam Dong in total from the St. Nicholas International School, Da Nang

In addition to scholarships worth of 20 billion Viet Nam Dong in total, students taking part in Admissions Scholarships Competitions at the St. Nicholas International School are going to get an opportunity to assess their abilities and learn from their peers.

The Admissions Scholarships Competitions at the St. Nicholas International School is an unusual competition. Not only it is attractive due to scholarships with high values, it is an eye-opening opportunity offered to students so they can experience an exam with American standards.

The exam includes EQ test, IQ test, and Mathematics to test students’ logical thinking ability. Students who pass these three exams are going to have a personal interview with the competition committee and perform their debating skills in groups.

Admissions Scholarships Competitions at the St. Nicholas International School is going to take place from 10-11/08/2019

These are reasons why students shouldn’t miss this competition:

Reasonable time to take an exam

This competition is going to take place in August as the St. Nicholas International School expects to offer financial aids to students before the new school year starts. These scholarships can help with financial burdens as the new school year is approaching.

A chance to challenge yourselves

This is an opportunity for students to challenge English skills and knowledge in the form of standardized entrance exams for junior and senior students in the US, namely the Secondary School Admission Test (SSAT) – a standardized entrance exam for students entering private high schools in the United States.

The interview and debate section with the Board included our CEO, Academic Director and Principal is also an opportunity for students to experience and develop interview skills, teamwork, and how to impress admissions committee. This is also a chance for students to improve their foreign language and practice necessary skills before applying to American high schools.

The competition attracts students from all over the country, therefore, gives students a chance to communicate and learn from their peers.

High value scholarships

Candidates are going to have the opportunity to win scholarships of up to VND 20 billion in total. Scholarships include Full Ride Scholarship, 100% Tuition Scholarship and 50% Tuition Scholarship. In addition, students are going to be offered other supportive services such as intensive counseling US study strategy, SSAT, SAT courses …

Outstanding students received high value scholarships in the school year 2018-2019

In the academic year 2018-2019, the St. Nicholas International School granted 100% scholarships to two students, Nguyen Tran Bao Ngoc and Le Ba Manh Kha (both in grade 10), each worth over 1 billion VND, and 50% scholarships to seven other students (grade 9), each worth over 700 million VND. The total value of these scholarships was over 7 billion VND.

St. Nicholas’s representatives presenting Full Ride scholarships certificates in 2018

Scholarships offered by an elite international school

The St. Nicholas International School (SNS) follows American model of interdisciplinary education, implementing the most advance teaching methods. With state-of-the-art facilities, and an internationally standardized education system, our school is certified by Texas Tech University (TTU) – one of the top public universities in the US. With a strong research and application base, we believe that we can offer students with a solid foundation of knowledge so they can enter the world and widen their horizons.

Following TTU’s programs at St. Nicholas, students after completing all credits upon graduation (passing the tests, ensuring the criteria for considering the output from TTU) are going to receive a US Baccalaureate diploma. Students of St. Nicholas graduating from 12th grade can confidently apply to top US universities or can study abroad in any other English-speaking and developed countries in the world.

Dr. Ho Vu Khue Ngoc, Vice Dean of the Department of International Studies at Danang University, also the founder of the Academy English center said: “After learning about the curriculum as well as meeting and communicating directly with the school committee, I was assured of the educational quality by the devoted representatives at the St. Nicholas International School. Although the campus is not too big, but the internationally standardized education here is what persuaded me to let my children go to this school as he is still close to the family without having to study abroad too soon”.

Students are going to have a chance to access scholarships worth of 20 billion in total

Thanks to this competition, our school hopes to express a message that students working hard will be recognized and deserve to be granted. This would be an encouragement to our future students at St. Nicholas International School.

The Admissions Scholarships Competitions at the St. Nicholas International School is going to take place from 10-11/08/2019 at 458 Nguyen Huu Tho, Cam Le District, Da Nang. Submit your application by August 4, 2019.

Submit your application here  and learn more from our website.

St. Nicholas School is an international elite private K-12 institution in Central Danang city, Vietnam, offering a full American academic program with a view to American high school national qualification. We are an accredited partner school of Texas Tech University.

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