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St. Nicholas’s distinguished parents sent a message to teachers/staff and students

As the St. Nicholas International School celebrated the end of the school year during the 2019 Summer Music Festival, Mr. Sungho Park has delivered a speech on behalf of our respected parents:

Teachers, parents and students;

Good evening and hope you enjoyed the Music Festival. It was so much greater than I expected. I think all of the teachers and parents are very proud of our great students and I’d like to tell teachers and students “You did an excellent job today.” Shall we clap our hands with delight again for these great performances?

I’m Sungho Park from Korea. I have two daughters in this school – Kyuri in G2 and Soyi in Kindergarten. I’m so pleased to have the opportunity to give a speech here tonight. Since I made up my mind to take part in the year-end ceremony today, I continuously thought about what I should say because there are so many wonderful things to say as a parent.

First of all, I’d like to celebrate the times of the year that stand out for me. And I appreciate all the teachers’ efforts to care for our students. Not only that, I hope all teachers remember you have one of the greatest jobs because you are shaping our kids’ future. Also, parents should know how difficult it can be to work with children on a daily basis.

I’m not sure if I’m a good father to my daughters. As I’m working for a travel company, our family has moved to several countries like Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam in recent years. Every time when we first got to a new country, we needed time to adjust our life to the new environments. Of course, what I worried about most was always if my two daughters could be fine with everything or not.

I remember when we first came to Da Nang and tried to find a suitable school for my kids. We visited several schools and decided on St. Nicholas. Why? Our daughters thought that this school was where they want to learn, to study and to grow up. At first, my wife and I always told our kids: “You can do anything. Be positive and active.” However, we were a little bit worried about whether they could follow the school life well.

We realized it was only our small unfounded fears. Teachers and staff set our minds at ease as time went by. The school provided qualified information about our daughters’ school life and we helped our kids find their way at a new school. I can tell you that I was fully satisfied with the learning scheme and student caring system. Above everything else, daughters loved to go to school. I thought it was the best thing. What does it mean? It means everything is ok.

Time goes so fast. Now my two girls and students here are ready to go to the next grade. I hope you look back fondly at what happened throughout the year. There are many things to remember in your heart and you can find your children growing up with better knowledge and virtue. I’d like to praise and congratulate all the students for finishing the school course this year.

Your journey will re-start soon with a new grade. Yes, I know this time is always exciting. I believe more interesting school life is waiting for you and all of you will have much more valuable times in the school with teachers and friends.

This is the last word that I want to tell all the students here.

Please dream big!

Make your own dream. You can be anything you want to be.

Boys and girls, BE AMBITIOUS. You make your future. The more dreams the better future.

Before I finish this speech, I need to confess something. I never imagined being here until last week. Frankly speaking, when I got the invitation, I thought I would say no. However, my wife and my two girls – Kyuri & Soyi encouraged me to be here. I want to tell my family “Thank you and I love you.”

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