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The two-day trip on September 28th-29th to Bach Ma National Park, Hue city marks the beginning of SNS Discovery Fieldtrip Program in the school year 2019 – 2020. The trip resulted from careful design and preparation by the school and was longed for by all students.

Joining the trip, students acquired not only new academic knowledge of research and leadership but also skills to apply these knowledge in real life. Designed activities helped students to develop their skills relevant to survival, leadership, charity work, research, sports, art…

On the first day, all students dropped by the Loc Tri middle school on the way to the Park to give presents.

Students then continued their way to Bach Ma village where they were divided into small groups and participated in activities such as presenting in teams about Bach Ma, Amazing Race, filtering water, campfire, cooking BBQ…

Amazing race …

…Q&A and Presentation about Bach Ma…

… Campfire & cooking BBQ

On the next day, all students were divided into 3 big groups including Research, Filming, Social Skills and worked with experts and teachers.

Social Research team

Filming team

Social Skills team

After teamwork, students were free to join waterfall sliding, swimming and enjoy local food before heading back to the school.

The field trip is an opportunity for students to step out of their comfort zone to develop themselves and become braver than ever. Also, the trip would make an unforgettable memory for students as they had fun with friends, enjoyed the magnificent beauty of nature.

It is the school’s intense pleasure to create a skill-oriented learning environment for students, watch them grow and restore such priceless memory! See you all, our valued students and parents in the next trip to Phu Ninh Lake with TRIATHLON on 26th and 27th this October!

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School year 2019 - 2020