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Parents’ misunderstandings about International summer camp

“International summer camp” is a popular activity in developed countries, however, it seems to be quite new to Vietnamese students and parents. Therefore, there must have been some misunderstandings that make parents and students miss the wonderful experiences of the international summer camp.

My kid is too young, how can he/she  live far away from us for a long time?”

Being far away from family is seemly unsuitable for children because they have to take care of themselves and live around strangers instead of being protected by their parents. In fact, many researches has proved that children typically between ages 11 and 17, well-adjust to new environment and easily acquire knowledge. In addition, summer camp’s program recently is designed to allow students of different ages experience learning in a variety of sessions and different learning concepts. parents and students can choose a suitable summer camp according to student’s goals:  enhancing English skills, makingforeign friends or experiencing abroad educational environment for future learning plan, ect.

“How can my child participate in an international summer camp if he/she is not good in English?”

Many parents are worry about their children limited English ability that can lead exciting camp became to a boring one due to not catching up with learning sessions. Let’s think about benefits of the summer camp for your children. Summer camp is great opportunities for students to escape from restrictive classes which gradually limited their inside social skills. They will participate the camp with both Vietnamese and foreign friends as well as excellent teacher and instructors who are willing to help them overcome their feeling of worthlessness. The international summer camp is not only a good learning English opportunity, but also a chance for children to broaden their relationships and enrich knowledge relating to different culture. Finally, they can decide which is their suitable learning environment.

“Why does the summer camp have a few weeks but is more expensive than a trip?”

This international summer camp is distinct from other trips because the participants can experience a wide range activities designed with the aim of helping them become acquainted with the most innovative educational environment, period of time is designed scientifically with combination of playing and learning and cultural excursion.

Apart from an all-English environment, the summer camp also ensure that children can develop software skills (presentation, teamwork, leadership…), experience the feeling of learning in the top university in the world, build up relationships, join in sport activities, visits…

Every summer camp is the same

Choosing a summer camp in which country plays an important role with students who have tendency of learning abroad. In this case, they should pick a summer camp taking place in the world’s top universities such as Stanford, Yale or Harvard University. Students will be more confident in learning abroad thanks to getting re-acquainted with new learning environment.

“How to find a reliable, quality and reliable summer camp”

There are hundreds of well-prepared summer camps choices for children and parents each year. Thus, It is not easy to find out a prestigious organization in which your children can attend three-four week camp safely. Parent totally can get information on the Internet, from other parents’ reviews; evaluate the prestige of an organization basing on operation experiences or their partners, for example SuperCamp in US or ISA in Japan.

Hopefully, that above information can help parents be more confident in making decision on picking an international summer camp for your children not to miss valuable experiences.

In this summer, The St. Nicholas International School co-ordinate with SuperCamp to hold a international summer camp at Stanford University and California State University, Long Beach, surely bringing a meaningful and unforgettable summer in America!

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