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Now Offering Half Day Kindergarten Program

At St. Nicholas International School we offer a top of the line Kindergarten department.  By following the Reggio Emilia approach, our classrooms are child centered and student run.  By following this unique style, children not only learn their important early lessons, they also learn to enjoy learning as something they have control over.

We are excited to announce we are now offering half-day kindergarten programs.  This shorter program is highly beneficial for new and younger students who are not only new to the classroom, teachers, and peers, but new to school in general.  It is a big step for a child to enter school for the first time, but this program helps the transition be that much easier.

In the morning, our kindergarteners start their day enjoying a nutritious breakfast before bringing off some energy in our outdoor garden.  After that, depending on the day, they have Physical Education or Art class.  After that, our students go back into the classroom where they begin story time and table time, in which they learn about all sorts on new subjects such as reading, writing, counting, and life sciences.

Please contact the school today for more information on all the programs we offer.

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