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Many thanks for those who joined our Financial Aid Seminar on Sunday

Thank you all who attended Sunday’s financial aid workshop.  As would be expected with such an important subject, the turnout was high and the questions were thorough.  It was our privilege to share and to discuss the economic side of education, and to meet so many new potential families of our school.

In case you were unable to attend yesterday, we would like to share some of the key points that were discussed during the seminar.  

Firstly, that our school will do its best to guarantee that all who want to study within our doors, may do so without being forced to break the bank.  It is our goal to make good education affordable to all. We believe that all students deserve a chance at success, and if you choose to study at St. Nicholas we can provide you several options to help you along.

Secondly, while top schools can be expensive, we view every dollar spent on education as an investment in the future.  But we offer several programs and benefits to help you meet these demands.

  • We offer student loans with ZERO percent interest for students who qualify
  • We’ve also partnered with local banks to get you the most attractive lending rates
  • If you pay for two or more years upfront, the school will provide you with free life insurance.
  • Tuition-free package when paying for more than 10 years upfront.  Tuition will be refunded after the duration of the course.

Our life insurance policy is payable at hospitals in Vietnam and other parts of Asia.  Additionally, students and parents will receive a sum back when they’ve finished the insurance contract.  While enrolled at St. Nicholas, the school will make all life insurance payments.

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