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“Fall Music Festival 2018”: A colorful and emotional festival

On the evening of December 5, The St. Nicholas International School held the first “Fall Music Festival 2018” for students who are attending school at all levels.

“Fall Music Festival 2018” was a music, art performance festival designed, set up and performed by teachers, students and staffs of The St. Nicholas International School. The festival was held at Trung Vuong Theater, Da Nang that attracted nearly 1,000 parents and students from other schools in Danang city.

With its main theme “Autumn memories”, the festival showed many emotional performances through melodies “I have a dream”,”Heal the world”, “Let me love you”; fun and meaningful musical dramas such as: “Under the mistletoe”, “King Hung and Dragons”,.. and amazing mixed hip-hop dances.

More specifically, for the first time on a music festival’s stage, audiences could watched English rhetorics – TED Talks with fascinating topics: “Dreams of the world, not technology,” “The power of saying No, “Rules sucks” … performed by secondary and high school students of The St. Nicholas International School. The festival made parents were exciting and surprised when they watched their children’s ability in English.

Fall Music Festival 2018 also had the special perfomances of students from the Academy English Center – one of partners of The St. Nicholas International School, that made the show more exciting and engaging.

As the first seasonal music festival of St. Nicholas International School, Fall Music Festival 2018  was not only a playground but a highly practical extracurricular activity that helped students showcase their ability in performing arts and learning English, confidence in the crowd and on the stage. It also helped students to develop soft skills when working with teachers and friends to prepare for the show.

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