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Kahl Peter

Mr. Peter Kahl



Mr. Peter Kahl was born in New York State, but has lived in Asia for the past five years. He has worked in education for 24 years, nine years as a secondary school teacher and fifteen years as a school administrator. Before coming to live in Vietnam, he served as the Director of Curriculum K-12 at Seoul International School in South Korea. Prior to that position, he was a high school principal in Maine, USA for seven years. Mr. Kahl is passionate about education and understands the importance of it, especially for students in Southeast Asia. He joined the Advisory Board to ensure that St. Nicholas becomes one of the top international schools in Vietnam.

In his personal life, Mr. Kahl enjoys traveling. He has been to almost every country in SE Asia.

For him, traveling provides the opportunity to not only learn about other cultures but to enjoy all the local food! Mr. Kahl currently lives in Hoi An where he plans to live for many years to come.

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School year 2019 - 2020