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Bianca Cotton


South Africa

Bianca Cotton has a PGCE (UNISA) and a BA Drama degree (University of Stellenbosch in South Africa). She has taught in townships, public and private schools in South Africa since 2001, and taught a year in Vietnam before joining St. Nicholas School in 2018. Besides being a classroom teacher of different grades, she has also taught art, drama, music and martial art classes.

She loves children and has two of her own, who are currently busy with their studies in South Africa. “Children inspire me and keep me on my toes! Every day I learn something new from them,” she says.

She likes to be active and spend time in nature. For exercise and relaxation she cycles, hikes and does yoga. She enjoys the beautiful sceneries of Vietnam and is inspired by the culture which is  so different from her own. She has become used to shopping at the local outdoor markets for food and loves the more simple way of life that Vietnam offers.

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School year 2019 - 2020