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10 Reasons to Choose St. Nicholas

What are the best reasons to attend Th St. Nicholas International school?


1. Our school follows three core principles: Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Creativity

2. There is no better way to learn a language than by fully immersing yourself in that language. At St. Nicholas School, our classes are conducted in a completely immersive English environment, meaning students must complete all subjects in English. This strategy has shown to be the most thorough in building language skills quickly by building the foundations of English to express ideas, opinions, thoughts, and feelings.

3. By incorporating a unique and diverse set of co-curriculars, our students not only receive a well-rounded education, but a fun one as well. Our co-curricular enrichment classes are designed to give our students yet another step up for their English development.

By studying these select, communication-based classes, our students not only learn specific English skills, but learn the joy and creativity of the English language.  Language is about expressing ideas and emotions, and students at St. Nicholas quickly gain both by taking any number of drama, music, film, journalism, public speaking, TED – style talks, photography, simulated lawsuit, and creative writing.

4. STEM education has revolutionized education as we know it.  By combining science, technology, engineering, and math into one project-centered class, it teaches students how to incorporate the unique features of each while also learning the value of teamwork. By incorporating all four areas into one class, our students also learn how each subject relates to one another while solving real-world problems.

5. Having partnered with Texas Tech University in the US, St. Nicholas School offers students not only the chance to study through an American curriculum, but graduates of our school receive a fully recognized American diploma upon completion.

6. All students at St. Nicholas School receive a comprehensive and personalized development roadmap.  From day one to their graduation, we help students track and meet their goals. No matter the challenges they face, we aim to help all our students strategically plan to reach their dreams. Using the latest in technological task management and onsite counseling, we help our students overcome all their academic and logistical obstacles.

7. Throughout their educational career at St. Nicholas, students will gain all the necessary skills, knowledge, and expertise to successfully enter the global marketplace.  From our world-class education to the benefits of holding an American High School diploma, our students will be ready to meet the challenges of higher education in countries around the world, from the Europe to the United States.

8. St. Nicholas School understands that a healthy life is key to a healthy mind. That’s why we’ve invested so much into giving our students a top of the line sports department, because learning doesn’t only happen in the classroom, but with your peers as well.  From team sports to individual competition, St. Nicholas School gives our students all they need to succeed.

9. What is a school without a library?  Students at St. Nicholas never need to ask that question, for we’ve built a custom library filled with classic, English language books. Books are the tools of academia, and we believe that students need the proper tools to succeed. That’s why at St. Nicholas School, you’ll find students enjoying the countless titles we’ve brought in from all across the world.

10.  All our teachers and staff are meticulously picked based on their international qualifications and expertise. The Management Board and Academic Staff at the school are all qualified teachers from around the world. Just like our student body, we believe that our teachers should represent the globalized community we live.

Find out more about our school and unique program offerings by contacting us directly at: 

Hotline/ĐT: 0236 3708353
Email: info@stnicholasschool.org
Address/địa chỉ : 458 Nguyễn Hữu Thọ
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